Caramel Apple

Have you ever heard of GPC?  Well it stands for giant papillary conjunctivitis, which is sort of an eye infection. One of the main symptoms are these little bumps that are under your eye lids. I have it ever since my husband and I moved to Laie. My allergies has been bad ever since we moved here. I’m allergic to dust and other things, my eyes got bad.  It just sucks because I can’t use my contact lenses until it heals.

So far I’ve been to about three eye doctor visits to see what type of eye drops I need to heal my eyes. In the middle of the night, it sort of feels like there a piece of lint stuck under my eye lids. It really is eye mucus stuck under my eye lids but because of the bumps prevent the mucus from moving anywhere. I’m sure they will heal, but glasses are cool too!

On Thursday, I drove to town again from Laie to Honolulu to see my allergist. Well I’m still allergic to shellfish. Being allergic to shellfish in Hawai’i means I’m a cheap date. My husband can eat all the shell fish at the buffet. I hoping my insurance will be able to approve me for this new drug Dupixent. Have you heard anyone with moderate or severe eczema? Well, I’m a person with moderate eczema. Eczema covers 40% of my body and there a days when it gets bad and some days when it does not bother me at all. This new drug Dupixent will manage the biological process of the eczema. “Biologic drugs, or biologics, are among the most targeted therapies available today because they essentially use human DNA to treat certain diseases at the immune system level. Dupixent limits the immune system from overreacting, lowering the severity of inflammation and decreasing the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. ” This is a major break through for the people who suffer from eczema.  There are so many success stories and I’m hoping my insurance is able to cover it.

Saturday was an amazing day. I was able to go to the Temple with my husband to witness a Temple Sealing. A Temple Sealing is when the couple or a family is bonded through all time and eternity. So have you heard of death to us apart? Temple Sealing goes beyond this life on earth. After this life, we’ll be able to be sealed with our family. We know where we will go and where we came from.

This family has a 3 year old son, and watching him put his hands on his parents hands was the sweetest. I’m definitely blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. Each day through the struggles, I know its a learning opportunity instead of a complaining opportunity.

Caramel Apple! I love Lipsense. Lipsense stays on and the gloss just makes it pop even more. The best part is when I kiss my husband, he does not have to worry about having lipstick on his lips. Caramel Apple is so far my favorite, so if you are looking for a lipstick that will last, you need Lipsense.

Just want to leave with a quote “Life has been so unfair in my favor way to much for me to complain”. – Unknown

Have a great week. What is something you stop complaining about?


Featured picture, its my Husband and I after going tot he Temple. We went with our family and friends to North Shore Tacos. We had the Beach Burrito. I had the shredded chicken and my husband got the sweet pork of course. If you come to Hawai’i, you need to stop by North Shore Tacos if you are feeling a little spicy.

Author: afilipinawithaloha

Born and raised in Hawai'i. Married to a handsome husband. I love cooking, the outdoors, being with family and friends and blogging. Lifestyle and beauty blogger.

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