This week I couldn’t go to work on a Wednesday because my left eye was swollen from my allergies. My eyes gets really agitated in the middle of the night and prevents me from going back to bed right away. I have a couple restless nights because of my eye allergies. Having GPC under my eye lids can be uncomfortable at night, so I end up just staying awake until my eyes feel better. I know it’ll heal but when there are nights when it just hurts, my faith is tested. Last night I slept pretty well and no pain in my eyes. So there is progress!

I live in Laie on the on-campus married housing at BYU Hawai’i. It’s just so interesting how people  still wear clothing against Church Standards. I totally understand its hot in Hawai’i and its summer time, but I feel like modesty on campus should be a common sense thing. I guess people think otherwise.

Hawai’i is filled with so many beautiful people, and I feel women don’t need to show off so much skin in order to feel beautiful. Also, there are clothing that help you feel cool without showing so much of your booty or your boobies. One of the things I want to start doing on this blog, is share some Modesty with Hawai’i. I say Modesty with Hawai’i because we can share the Aloha while wearing modest clothing. I also want to try and find clothing sites or stores that won’t break the bank. I feel like a lot of modest clothing comes with a price, but I wouldn’t it be great to not have to spend so much money to cover up a little?

Enough with modest and style. I attend an activity tonight about the importance of Charity. I’ve notice the people who volunteer to help, are the people who don’t complain about their lives or about others. It was sweet because this one women, who lives two doors down in our apartment complex mentioned how I’m always sharing my cooking with others. I always said a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. 😉 Charity may not always mean giving money, donations, but simply lending a hand or lending a ear. There are people who just wants someone to talk with.

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday, and I wanted to get him so many things. He didn’t want me to buy him much, since we are trying to save up our money for out trip to Germany next year. He is just to sweet because decided he wanted to cook for his birthday. Guess what we will be having? German Food!!! Well its not totally German, because we can’t find all the German food in the U.S. So we got Salami, bratwurst, ingredients to make rotkohl, and lastly my husband will be making broetchen rolls. He just learned how to make them today, and it sorta had the texture of French Bread.

I’ll update you all on how our dinner tomorrow night. What is you favorite thing to eat for your birthday?




Author: afilipinawithaloha

Born and raised in Hawai'i. Married to a handsome husband. I love cooking, the outdoors, being with family and friends and blogging. Lifestyle and beauty blogger.

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