10 Things You May Not Know About Me


10. I’m 5ft Short.

There are perks about being short, such as buying cheaper clothes in the kids section. Shoes in kid sizes are always cheaper than adult size shoes. When I trip over something, its not to far from the ground.

9. I can fully understand and somewhat speak Tagalog and Ilocano.

Yes, I am Filipino. My parents are from the Philippines and always spoke Ilocano in the home. My mom cooks the best Filipino food ever. I learned Tagalog from watching the Filipino Dramas on TV with my Mom. My parents casually talked Ilocano, but when they did’t want us to understand them, they spoke Tagalog. I soon started to understand because everyday after my mom came home from work, she turned on the Filipino channel. On the Filipino Channel, they always spoke Tagalog.

8. I wanted to be a Lawyer.

I always took criminal justice classes and political science classes in college. I have a degree in Public Administration with a Core in Justice. I worked in a law firm as a legal assistant for almost a year, and it was such a stressful environment. I realize the money is great, but being a lawyer literally kills your health with all the stress.

7. I like smashed Rice Krispie Treats.

Rice Krispie Treats are always better smashed. Try it out yourself. As a young kid, I would always try to make it paper thin, while it was still in its wrapper. I would even step on them, to get them really thin. Since its smashed, it becomes longer so you have more to enjoy.

6. I’m allergic to Shellfish.

When I was about 8 years old, my family and I ate crab every day for a week. All of a sudden I had an allergic reaction and I was covered with hives. I remember my Dad use to dive in the ocean to get lobster, and now I can enjoy lobster. I know I live in Hawai’i and I’m always surround with shellfish. I guess you can say I’m a cheap date.

5. I used to play the piano.

I started to play the piano when I was in the 3rd grade. When I got to high school, it was hard to juggle between piano lessons and sports. So I stuck with sports. I do want to learn how to play the piano again, so if you have tips for me I would greatly appreciate it.

4. I tore my ACL.

I tore my ACL in my left knee. It was my senior year in High School, and it was our qualifying game for States. I went up to hit the ball, and I landed the wrong way. At first I didn’t feel any pain and all I felt was a snap in my knee. I did try to play again the next night, but my knee was just not moving the right way. I didn’t get a ACL reconstruction until 2 years after because I wanted to play tennis during my senior year. I guess you can say I played tennis with a torn ACL.

3. I like watching Pimple Popping Videos.

It so interesting to watch Pimple Videos, like Dr. Pimple Popper. I guess I like dissecting into things. I can watch a whole 15 minutes video of pure pimple video without feeling bored at all. I guess its a feeling of getting rid of something bad that you don’t need. I don’t have lots of pimples, but I sometimes like picking my husband’s pimples.

2. I served a Full Time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Yes, I am Mormon. I served 18 months as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in Salt Lake Temple Square. I was able to meet people from all over the world such as Brazil, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Chile, Philippines, and many place. It was all service and I never had so much love for people I just met. Being a Mormon means more than just a title, but its about a devotion of love and service to help people. Its being who you are and loving life because I do have a guidance to where I need to be and where I need to go.

1. I’m married!

My husband is 6ft and 6 inches tall. He is Caucasian. We are the most physically looking opposites. We have people do a double take when they see us holding hands in a mall. He has blonde hair and I have black hair. I’m tan and he is white. Although we look so different, we are sync with each other. We are both open with trying different foods from different cultures. We love the outdoors and sports. We met at a Church Study class, and I was really shy when I first met home. So my Uncle talked to him, and the rest was history.

This are 10 things you probably didn’t know about me! I may not be a celebrity, or have any super powers. I think I’m pretty unique in my own unique way.

What are some random facts about yourself? Do you like watching pimple popping videos? Have you seen a missionary before?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Mahalo for reading!