Stepping Stones


Dupixent Update!

What has everyone been up to? I have been so busy in the past two weeks with projects and small stepping stones. Let me tell you, my skin feels so much better! I’ve been on Dupixent for about a month and few days. It feels really nice to be able to wear shirts and not worry about my skin being in pain. One of the places I had it bad was on my scalp. My scalp now doesn’t have any scabs from my eczema. Behind my neck was just as bad, and now its totally clear. There are few spots that is still dry, and my arms still have an uneven skin tone. I’m sure over time it will just tan.

Looking back and my pictures from a month ago, it makes me cringe. I know it was something I had to go through and gave me so much will power for trials ahead. Stepping stones to move forward and not regret any experiences. People may have their concerns with using a new drug, but I actually feel like I have so much more energy and self confidence now. I do have some scars from having eczema and it reminds me of how far I came and to just being happy in my own skin.



Yea, you all probably heard about SeneGence. Well I’m part of this organization with a beauty line guaranteed to beautify any women. I love their long lasting lip color, and I can’t wait to use their other products.

I know its about building a team, but honestly I feel like these sisters on the team has been so supportive. There are girls who are less than a year in the business and they reached their 1 Million mark. It would nice to shoot for 1 Million mark, but I’m going to enjoy the business and not get so obsessed with sales.

Before starting SeneGence, I just felt like I needed to do more. I graduated with my Bachelor Degree last year, and right now my husband is going to school. I thought about going to grad school, but I knew it would be tough with our schedules and going to work full time. I also have a student loan that I just want to go away. I don’t want to accumulate anymore money on my loan.

My cousin started to sell LipSense and I thought about how she was enjoying herself and all the colors are so beautiful. I took the leap of faith to sign up and start learning about all these products. It feels such a great feeling to learn about products in order to share what I learn about these products. I haven’t seen a big commission check, but I’m enjoying the ride. In one training from one of the up line sisters, she said “Faith it till you make it”. I totally believe in having faith in all things you do, otherwise you wont get far. If you are thinking about trying any SeneGene products you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @livealohabeauty.



Our Church has a carnival with just basic games. Let me just tell you, I won the grand prize of Chocolate kisses! There was basically a bunch of kisses in a mason jar, and we had to guess how many kisses were in the jar. I was actually one of the last people to guess a number.  I guessed 137, and I got it exactly on the dot.

I also lost horribly and the whip cream game. But my husband did pretty good. You ask me why am I writing about our carnival experience. Well although it wasn’t planned out so great, I changed my attitude to enjoy my time. I was grateful to have talk with friends and to just laugh and let loose. I didn’t care about embarrassing myself because it was all for laughs. Life is to be enjoyed while trying.

I hope you all have a great week. I was thinking about all my readers. Is there anything thing I could improve on?