Bee Modest and Beautiful


Happy Birthday!

This week was my Husband’s birthday. Since my Husband lived in Germany for 2 years and understands and speaks German, we made German food. Well as German as we can get in Hawai’i. We tried to find tried sausage, so we just got Salami. My husband made rotkohl – some king of dish that is like sauerkraut. He also made broetchen, which is bread rolls. Most of the ingredients to make broetchen are in your kitchen. It sorta reminds me of French bread but bread rolls size. I also made German Chocolate cupcakes, which I know is not German at all. We had left over cupcakes and so we shared them with our neighbors.  All in all, it was a great birthday feast. If you want the recipes for broetchen and rotkohl, I’ll be more than happy to share them with you.

Island Buffet

My mom came to visit, along with my sister and younger brother. My mom wanted to celebrate my husband’s birthday, since she was not here on the actually day of my Husband’s birthday. Since we live in Laie, we went to the Island Buffet at the Polynesian Cultural Center. I had a friend who works at the Buffet and he was able to give us a really good discount. I think we paid about $15 per person to eat at the buffet. Honestly, it’s a reasonable price compared to any other buffet on the island. The buffet included roast beef, white rice, brown rice, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, kalua pork, grilled fish, coconut milk with banana, fried chicken and I’m pretty sure there is more on the food line. There was also bread rolls, there was a taro bread roll and a poppy-seed bread roll. I love the taro bread roll, and if you wait too long its the first thing to go out. For desserts, there was bread pudding, which was sorta a tri flavored bread pudding which included taro. Other desserts were pineapple bars, haupia (coconut jelly), and chocolate cake. There was a salad bar, but I honestly did not know there was one because it was sorta in a distance from the food line. The salad bar has different types and fruits and salad. All in all, I think we got our money worth for the buffet.

There is also another buffet at the PCC and its call Prime dinning. I think the big differences between Prime Dining and Island buffet is prime ribs, crab legs, and an ice cream bar, and they bring your drinks to you. I do not know the price for the Prime Dinning buffet, so I do need research on the prices. Hopefully I’ll have a reason to go to Prime Dinning and I’ll have a price and a review.

Skin Care

These past two weeks I have been researching Korean Skin Care products. Skin care products in generally are expensive and way out of my price range. Each week, I will try to review a skin care product that won’t break the bank. I decided to first go with Korean Skin Care products because lately there has been a lot of reviews on Korean Skin Care products. I wanted to take a shot at trying these products out. Before I receive these products, I tried to do a little research on where to find these products.

Soko Glam

Soko glam website offers skin care kits that include the 10 step and a 5 step. The 10 step is about $199 and the basic 5 step is about $115. These prices do not included tax and shipping or any discounts. Although they had great reviews, I just could not spend $200 on skin care products. You can buy the products separately without getting the whole 10 step Skin Care routine. There was great reviews on the 10 step and 5 step skin routine. They also have different skin routine based on your skin type.

Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily offer a 10 step skin care regimen, but its price as well. They have many great products with great reviews. I didn’t but anything from the website but when I do, I’ll have a review.


After researching the 10 step Korean skin care routine, I decided to shop for products to have my own skin care routine. Memebox use to be a subscription skin care and make up box but they closed their warehouse. What they do now is have skin care and make up products and show where you can find them and what the price from each website. This is where I went to find and research which products would meet my needs for a reasonable price.


This is where I went to order all my skin care products. I was able to all get free shipping since I have Amazon prime. Products which did not have free shipping, I just researched for another product similar to what I wanted. They will all arrive this coming week, and I honestly can’t wait to try these products out and have a review.

I do wear make up at time but I wanted to find skin care products for a reasonable price because make up won’t look too good if your natural skin needs attention. I have eczema and some times my dried skin makes my makeup look flaky. Also, since I just got married and my husband is a college student, I know I need to be frugal.

What are some way you are frugal with beauty products?

I am not sponsored by the Polynesian Cultural center, Soko Glam, Peach and Lily, and Amazon to write this review.