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Remember when I mentioned or talked about my GPC or my eye infection? This week I had to visit my eye doctor again on Wednesday. I live in Laie and I needed to drive to Honolulu. I think this is one of the cons about living in Laie is driving an hour into town for certain appointments. My eye appointment went actually well and its at a #2. I mean to say #2 because when you have GPC under your eye lids, the optometrist scale it from 1-4 which 4 is the worst. A month and a half ago my GPC was at a #4++, it was off the charts but now its at a #2.  I can wear contact lenses once a week for less than 8 hours. It’s just a step up because I do miss wearing contact lenses. Honestly, I still did not use my contact lenses because I wanted my eyes to heal before I start using my contact lenses again.

I mentioned to my husband about the hardships of wearing glasses all the time. I shouldn’t complain because I’m glad I have a great pair of glasses. Some commons hardships is when you are in an air-conditioned building and you walk outside in the humid your glasses fog up. Or when you are baking something in the oven and you open the oven door, then boom you glasses fog up again. I know sometimes when it’s just humid outside and you are talking to someone, sometimes my glasses would fog up and I would get embarrassed.

Good thing about my trip into town, I was able to go with my Sweden friend who needed to buy some loose-fitting clothes. Well we of course stopped by a thrift shop because it’s so inexpensive and they have lots of clothes. We shopped at Savers, and I have no problem with telling people I shop at a thrift shop because shopping in Hawai’i can be really expensive. At times, I rather buy clothes from Amazon or from an online shop because they have great deals. There are even lava lavas you could buy from a thrift shop. If you want to buy Hawaiian print clothing, I would recommend going to the Saturday market. Its cheaper at the Market and you get buy other Hawaii goods and even food. If you end up going to the Market, it’s located at the Aloha Stadium here on Oahu.

Neogen Dermatology: Green Tea Real Fresh Foam

This is an amazing cleanser, and it smells really nice. The instructions mentioned you can use one or two pumps, but honestly all you need is one pump and it goes a long way. This cleanser really felt moisturizing and did not dry up my skin at all.  It’s for people who have oil, sensitive, and dry skin. I have both dry and sensitive skin, and I had no bad reactions using this product, so I highly recommend this product.

I first went on Memebox and compared the prices for this product. Memebox website has skin care products and make up products, and they compare prices from different websites.

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Have you heard of Dupixent? So I have eczema, and I had eczema ever since I was 8 years old until now. When I was 8 years old till middle school it was really bad. I remember my Mom wishing she could take it away from me. I did not want to wear clothing that would reveal my eczema skin. It was mainly behind my knees and on my arms and hands but it was so bad. While in High School, playing high school sports really helped my eczema not flare up. I think it was from exercising and it helped my immune system become strong. Going to College it started to get bad because I wasn’t exercising as much as I did in High School. I would get it again behind my legs and arms, so of course I started to use steroid creams and they would thin my skin out and leave white blotches on my skin. Living in Hawai’i, it’s warm and humid, and sweat agitated my eczema. So exercising outside is hard because if I had an open sore, it would make it really itchy.

Let me say, I read so many reviews about Dupixent right after my Allergist told me about this drug. Although its new, I didn’t have anything to lose because I tried everything to heal my eczema.

Dupixent was just FDA approved in February. According to National Eczema Association, “Dupixent works by blocking a type of protein called an interleukin, or IL, from binding to their cell receptors. Interleukins contribute to a functioning immune system by helping to fight off viruses or bacteria in our bodies. When the immune system goes haywire, it can trigger certain ILs to mistakenly attack the body, resulting in chronic inflammatory conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

Dupixent works on two interleukins thought to contribute to atopic diseases: IL-4 and IL-13. By blocking IL-4 and IL-13 from binding to the receptors, Dupixent curbs the immune system over-reaction that results in atopic dermatitis. A calmed immune system leads to fewer and/or less severe symptoms of AD.

People who suffer from eczema have found relief in this drug. Of course each person has a different body and the drug reacts differently for each person.



This past Friday was my first dosage for Dupixent, and since it was my first time I need to inject myself with two syringes. I’m not afraid of shots but giving myself a shot was something I could not do, so my husband had to give me my two shots. I felt like I was one of those people on YouTube, who almost fainted when a nurse was going to give them a shot but in comparison with giving myself my shot. Just the thought of giving myself my own shot made me scared and husband took the initiative and asked to do give the shot for me.

I’m 3 day from taking my first dosage. I don’t see major signs of improvement. Most of my eczema is seen on my arms, with dry blotches and bumps. I do have eczema on my tummy and back and legs. My skin still feels and looks the same, but I know everyone has different results with Dupixent. I decided to not use my steroid cream but just my steroid free ointment on my dry areas. I also stopped taking Zyrtec before bed because I don’t like feeling so groggy in the morning.

I wasn’t able to take a clear picture of the syringes and the box but I’ll be getting my next shot in 2 weeks. So Dupixent is a prescription used every two weeks and they call it maintenance shots after your first shots. I’ll try to remember to take a better photo of the syringes.

So do you know someone who has Eczema?

I’m not sponsored to write a review on the book or about Dupixent. 

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